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It Takes a Community - Make Art

Surkeus (“Surkeus” is said the same way as “circus”) is a community of musicians, artists and creators from across Canada who value creativity and collaboration.  We pride ourselves in being more of an artistic alliance than a typical label.


We started Surkeus Records in 2019 in Victoria, B.C. Canada. Since then Surkeus has cultivated its own unique identity in the Canadian arts and music scene. 


Our main focuses are:

  • Helping artists in a variety of disciplines expand their creative communities by being a part of ours

  • Bringing the arts and music community together as a force for good to support organizations that bring light and love into this world through fundraising and charitable efforts

  • Encouraging and organizing unique and interesting creative projects

  • Showcasing emerging art and music from across Canada through our various platforms


Follow us on Instagram @surkeusrecords for up to date daily news.

If you have any questions or would like information about one of the artists : CONTACT US. 





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