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Georgia Lee Johnson

Georgia Lee Johnson plants a steady hand on the indie folk tree, climbs to the farthest limb and starts out on a fresh new branch of mythic folk. Her music enfolds an old soul with playfulness and creative freedom through a grand choice of sounds that ring out in presence and remembering. Clear and deep, her voice touches the painful and profound of our past and present. Influences of traditional music from Appalachia, Ireland and the African Diaspora filter with fresh instrumentation, sounds and arrangements, pulling urgent ancestral connections forward in a present, grooving, lush sound.


Grown from burnished soil, ocean rain, mossy West Coast forests and winds that blow in from elsewhere, Georgia Lee Johnson draws music and meaning out of time. Likened to Adrianne Lenker, Steeleye Span and the beloved Joni Mitchell, Georgia's songs are wild and layered. Full of playfulness, she says what needs to be said once, in a way that can only be Georgia Lee. An honest and trustworthy new voice in indie folk, Georgia is this year's fresh bet.

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