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Joshua Wood

Vancouver based folk-rocker Joshua Wood’s music is vast and thoughtful, capable of making your mind articulate feelings you forgot you had. His soulful swagger is impossible to ignore. Fusing his folk and bluegrass chops with his punk rock roots, Joshua has made quite the name for himself on the local scene.


Joshua has been on the west coast of Canada for nearly 10 years. In that time he’s played in several bands, most notably is the Vancouver staple, Devil in the Woodshack, all the while writing his solo material. His first release under the Joshua Wood moniker came in 2018. The stripped down, demo painted a lovely mosaic of longing, pain and hope.


After Devil in the Woodshack went on hiatus, Joshua decided now was the time to press on. He began writing relentlessly and, with songs in hand, he began the journey of recording. He was introduced to local producer Felix Fung (Little Red Sounds, Sunday Morning, Mode Modern), and they quickly went into the studio. Along the way, Felix assembled a team of Vancouver heavyweights, Max Sample (The Ballantynes, Sunday Morning), Kyle Schick (Wishkicker, Sunday Morning), Blake Greer (Wrecked Beach) and Jaydon Bunney (Finch and Julius). This diverse musical team makes up the Orchestra.


Their first release as the Joshua Wood Orchestra was released in December 2020. The aptly

titled, ‘Bad Way’, shows a man who’s unique voice is defined by his rich musical history, creating a sound that is both familiar and ground-breakingly unique. The title track and ‘Surrender’ have been released as singles, both songs receiving critical acclaim.

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