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#discovermusic : Önder Focan

#discovermusic / #nowplaying : Turkish jazz guitarist Önder Focan’s latest release

“Aubergine / Patlican”.

London Jazz News : (the album is) a joyous, fun celebration of music, friendship and

conversation that best exemplifies the spirit of Mediterranean jazz

In 1998, Önder became the first Turkish jazz musician to have an album on Blue Note

with the release of his “Beneath The Stars”. He and his wife founded Istanbul’s Nardis

Jazz Club in 2002 - Nardis referring to a Miles Davis composition.

Jazz Times USA (on Önder’s playing) : warm-toned, richly ornamental style alternately recalls Kenny Burrell and Larry Coryell, swung tastefully and insistently.


Önder’s site



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