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jeremiah brooklyn x Vav Jungle // New Single Coming Soon!

We are so excited to announce an upcoming single release and collaboration between jeremiah brooklyn & Vav Jungle is officially happening!

👉 jeremiah brooklyn is a multi-genre producer from Victoria, B.C. He released "Analog" on Surkeus Records in August of 2020 - an eclectic electronic album with styles ranging from techno to dubstep to eclectic variations of other edm genres.

His most recent Surkeus Records release "WAVE" dropped in August 2021, and he is currently working on his new full length album.

👉👉 Eve Rice (Winnipeg, MB) has been involved in several music projects over the past 20 years…ok longer than that, but who’s counting?

Earliest in her career (and still holding) is her act "Vav Jungle" which was originally conceived by herself (the name was derived from a dream log Eve kept at the time) and artist Murray Toews.

She has performed in North America mainly and several songs from her six albums have been featured in radio, television and film.

This includes work with The Chris Isaaks Show, Nightlines FM with David Wisdom, WTN (W Network), film producer David Latt and many artists in Winnipeg.

Vav Jungle toured about Canada, New York City and Quebec City. The album "Pap Rock" was number 1 on Canadian charts.

Stay tuned for more details and official release date coming soon. This is going to be unreal ! 🤯


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