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June 23 // ZINNIA, Layten Kramer, and Dana Sipos at Victoria Event Centre

A special show with three captivating Canadian musicians showcasing new albums - ZINNIA, Layten Kramer, and Dana Sipos - live at Victoria Event Centre on Wednesday June 23rd. Doors are at 8, show is at 9, and tickets are 25 dollars at

Toronto-based art rock band Zinnia has music that is profoundly soulful, driven by a wildflower explosion of layered synths and beats, blooming from a place of emotional capacity that few of us in our lifetimes will find. This is music that will burst your stony heart open and make you feel again, with lyrics weighty enough to have made CBC's "Best Lyrics of 2019" list. Zinnia fuses modern synth-pop with a distinct soul vibe, quickly earning national attention. Skillfully marrying an experimental way of writing adventurous pop songs, the like’s we haven’t heard since Kate Bush, with a colorful vocality, and the sensation of a smoldering flame, Zinnia is one of Canada’s must see emerging bands.

Layten Kramer is known by critics for creating a new kind of folk and was recently recognized as the Zone's Band of the Month in 2021. After hearing his latest album Dear Apathy (2021), we fell in love. It’s soft and dreamy - nostalgic, but incredibly contemporary. Critics have described it as "trippy, dreamy sonic weirdness to a twangy palette of vintage Americana and classic garage pop."

Dana Sipos is Victoria’s best kept secret; a 2022 Canadian Folk Music Awards Nominee “Solo Artist of the Year”, who moved to Victoria during the Pandemic. Her music, “delicate, slightly strange and completely mesmerizing (Gold Flake Paint UK)”, will be performed as it is rarely seen - with a five-piece band. Dana Sipos will be performing songs from her latest release, The Astral Plane, featuring music both fragile and orchestral.


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