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Review // Domanique Grant - QUEEN/DOM Chapter 1: Queen

Toronto, ON (Pop/Electronic)

Label: Self Released

"Fresh off of her collaboration with the Grammy Awards and RBCxMusic, Domanique Grant is a Pop/Soul, Singer-Songwriter from Toronto, named one of Buzzfeed’s Top 20 Artists to Watch from Canada." (

Right out of the gate, Track 1 - Save Me wobbles its way in with a bassy, soulful pop melody that hits all the feel good summery notes. Words like "radio friendly" immediately come to mind on the production end of things, but the lyrics feel truly sincere unlike mainstream pop. This is a really heartfelt tune about making mistakes and owning up to them.

Real Me has a nice moombahton, vocal house vibe that's about 10-15 bpms slower than Mia Martina's "Stereo Love" which came to mind immediately - as did tropical sunsets and beach fires. The lyrics are about personal growth and momentum, but I feel like everything is alright - now.

723 is a synthy, punchy, poppy, electro tune with room for interpretation. Domanique is all about personal growth and self love on this album so far which is fantastic. I really feel the positivity on this one. It's a song about forgiveness and ultimately redemption, and it would be great song for holding hands with a loved one, twirling around in tall grass, or for getting motivated in the mornings as the birds chirp . . .

Moving On kicks off with the song's antagonist leaving, packing up, but not giving up on love. Domanique's voice really shines reaching several ranges, and the backing track is super catchy. If I were to guess, I'd say this is the radio single, although I haven't fact checked that.

Scratching equals head nodding.

Loving it.

Airbrush (bonus) - Honestly, I'm digging the lyrics on this track more than the production so I'll review it based on the lyrics alone - which poke fun at social media culture, the quest for perfectionism, photo filters and the unrealistic expectations the internet puts on people. I feel like more people are acknowledging these topics these days, but more people need to listen. Really cool ending to the album.

I honestly didn't know what to expect when I hit play on QUEEN/DOM Chapter 1: Queen, but it delivered. Each song could be a single in my opinion, and that's a really great thing.

If you're looking for a soulful, summery sing-along pop album with electro, edm, hip hop and chill beachy vibes - QUEEN/DOM Chapter 1: Queen is it. I'll bet my brand new vintage stereo that we'll all be seeing and hearing a lot more of Domanique Grant in the near future.


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