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Review // Nkom Bivoué - Zeun Ya Yop (Yaoundé, Cameroon)

"Zeun Ya Yop means in the Beti language (in Cameroon), "the road to heaven" or "the road to success". It is the path that is reserved for all those who really want to get out of the Matrix, for all those who want to express their freedom to be, to act, to create and to co-create. It is a path strewn with pitfalls, obstacles, made of misunderstandings. On this path, you are mostly fought by gregarious spirits (families, friends, associations, companies, etc.), but the reward, at the end of the tunnel, is worth it.

In this project, Nkom Bivoué presents the journey of a Man who seeks to Ascend both on the Spiritual level (Return to the Source, Expression of his Divinity) but also on the Material level (Abundance, Wealth, Glory ...). The mood is very explicit, the melodies and sounds are cosmic, meditative, pushing to introspection. The Drum is catchy, it makes us happy, it pushes us to dance. It is a clever mix of several emotions that may seem incompatible at first glance. Nkom Bivoué specifies that the frequencies highlighted in the different tracks of this album are therapeutic, they will not leave you indifferent, at least they will have a positive impact on your being. It is a project to expand our consciousness, to trigger the collapse of the matrix in which we live. The color of his soul is revealed in this is the expression of his higher self...his "I AM".

Finally, this is a Disclosure project that focuses on the story of Nkom Bivoué in one of his incarnations on Earth, in a timeline that is in our future. The Story of Zeun Ya Yop is the continuation of From The Stars EP and Processus EP (included as bonus items in their download files)."


Zeun Ya Yop is a 13 track downtempo EDM album with wonderful eclectic rhythms and masterfully designed, yet subtle synths and driving tribal house, chill step and desert break vibes.

Nkom Bivoué has created something really spectacular on this release. It's concise and well composed. Each song tells a story of celebration and praise on a deeply sonic level.

Close your eyes, move around, enjoy.

Top 3 tracks for me were : 1. No Lele (feat. Sizeless) 5. Baale Ma (feat. Vankings and 11. Starseed Mission.


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