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Surkeus Records welcomes Naked by the Fire (Victoria, B.C.) to the label roster and community

Our community of artists continues to grow as we welcome Victoria, B.C. indie folk rockers - Naked by the Fire to the label roster and artist community!

We've been fans of theirs for awhile now, and are super excited to be working with them on some really exciting projects. Stay tuned!

Naked by the Fire is a band based in Victoria, BC. Their indie-rock-folk style is heavily influenced by the singer-songwriter/folk tradition, but draws on elements of rock and indie, which gives the music a driving, restless energy. It’s Folk with a back-beat, if you will. The music begins with the songwriting duo of Jacob Leger and Jeremy Earley, and is backed by the grooviest rhythm section on Vancouver Island in Clayton Flett and Eric Thier.

Their music is characterized by probing, thoughtful lyrics, sing-along choruses, lush vocal harmonies, ear-wormy guitar lines, and a versatile vibe, ranging from acoustic-folky to rock and roll wildness. As one fan puts it, they are ‘the band that makes you feel warm and free’. 'Naked by the Fire', their first studio album, was released in July 2022. They tour relentlessly throughout BC, and have even put in an appearance as far east as Halifax.

Welcome to the Surkeus , Naked by the Fire !


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