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The Good Guys // by Aaron Wylder

I’ve spoken about the importance of creative integrity a few times on this platform. Sometimes it may seem like the music promotion world is against you. It may feel like you are never given a chance by those with the influence to give your music the attention you dream of. In the last few weeks, I have been reminded that there are many truly thoughtful organizations, people and music supporters out there. There are those who share your passion for art and want to see it succeed. It is these true words and real admirations for originality that help great art grow. These individuals are integral to growing music and bringing the best out of upcoming artists. They push the narrative for honest musical ingenuity. These are the good guys. If you think about how addictive and infectious pop culture can be, you can see the difficulty original art faces when staring into the commercial machine that it is the current music industry. The formulaic nature of modern song writing has influenced an entire generation of musicians. However, the good guys are not influenced by this. They care not for likability and popularity, but instead are pushed by creativity. Yes music is a business, but the most successful entrepreneurs the world has ever seen took risks. The good guys take risks on the music they listen to.

Photo: Hailey Krakana


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