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Welcoming Loon Choir (Ottawa) to the Surkeus Records label roster and community today!

We're very excited to welcome Loon Choir to the Surkeus Records label roster and community today. Our longstanding admiration and respect for this band goes back a long way. Keep an eye out for a very special Loon Choir release on Surkeus Records in the coming weeks…Details TBA.


Ottawa's Loon Choir released their fourth album, In the Age of Alienation, in 2019 with a sold-out launch party at the National Arts Centre’s prestigious Fourth Stage. The 8-member band has been raising its profile nationwidesince 2009, with highlights CBC radio play and turing Canada. The live experience is where Loon Choir shines. Their energy combines with the transcendent harmonies and contagious beats to get any crowd moving. Lyrical themes from frontman Derek Atkinson allude to social injustice, disconnection and the destruction of nature. It’s a tall order to fill, and these musicians deliver with a live set packed full of enthusiasm, spontaneity, and sincerity.



Ashley Highstead - winds, brass, vocals

Barış Bilgen - drums

Brad Sheffield - synth

Celeste Côté - piano, vocals

Craig Barlow - bass, vocals

Dan Larmour - guitar, vocals

Derek Atkinson - vocals

Paul Wilson - guitar

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