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Standard Issue Pleasure Model


Standard Issue Pleasure Model was started in 2017 by 3 friends who shared a passion for psychedelic rock and science fiction. Malik Hogue(,HE/HIM) on Drums, Raine Balson(,THEY/THEM) on rhythm guitar, sharing lead vocals with Shady Lane(,HE/HIM), who also plays lead guitar. The trio began playing gigs around their hometown of Victoria, up island and over in Vancouver.

Over these formative years, the band hit the ground running, building an identity around a "neo-retro" motif and by putting newly written songs to tape.

The resulting debut album, "2020" was self released in December of 2020 and was mixed and mastered by Malcom Owen-Flood of Stone Mastering.


Now with the addition of permanent bass player, Larissa Thomson(SHE/HER), Standard Issue Pleasure Model is coming out of the COVID-19 Pandemic swinging, with shows at Fisherman's Wharf and The Loft, as well as some less than secret shows that are being announced on the band's Facebook and instagram.


New music IS in the works, so keep a close eye on Standard Issue Pleasure Model


"2020" can be purchased through band camp or streamed online through all streaming services.

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