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Tea with Mara

Tea with Mara comes from the story of the Buddha who was said to have met the demon Mara under the bodhi tree on his path to enlightenment. 


Mara comes in many forms: temptation, desire and fantasy, or anger, irritability and doubt. As artists we find ourselves confronted with all sorts of these hindrances which take away the enjoyment of being in the moment creating our work. 


Together, Darren Chambo and Cole Kelly form this two piece band created in 2021. We have a unique sound that combines Cole's writing and singing styles with Darren's ability to blend many instruments together using the highs and lows of life to inspire us and create something beautiful out of the experiences we have in this world. Music has helped us in so many ways and we are delighted to share our work and be a part of a community that thrives on sound and connects the dots of our journey to the next exciting project. We are always willing to collaborate with others and hope to do so in the future. Keep Creating! 

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