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The Lobby

This is Mario. He's someone who has a lot in his head and a newfound reason to write them down. If there are three things that are utterly indispensable to him, they're: writing, music, and writing about music.


If there's one thing he wants to achieve when it comes to reviewing, it's that he wants a reason to further expound on his thoughts on what he hears. He'd rather his reviews be readable to a wider populace, and not to those who require a degree to understand them. In the chance he somehow develops a reputation or following, he won't know what the hell to do.


If you listen hard enough, you can hear the rusted and overworked gears buried in his head from where words converge into sentences; and maybe, just maybe, those sentences will make sense. It takes an easier listening, but you can pick up the exact moments they become sentences on a screen.


Sometimes his writings can look like pretentious disarrays. Sometimes they're as straightforward as a pencil. As long as they do not compromise honesty and integrity.


Some albums he's reviewed for himself. Some albums he's reviewed for others. You'll find them as they pop up. Maybe one about Pere Ubu or David Thomas Broughton. Or whichever artist that wants words typed up about their music.


As of the 31st of January, 2023, he has listened to 1,000 albums. This will only continue to grow, for he wishes to become actually knowledgeable.


And if this is somehow the best thing he's ever written, he'll be quick to correct that error. He's Mario. No need for a last name.

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