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Emily Woods

Spending the last five years between Kelowna, Victoria, and the UK, Emily has established herself as a stellar new comedian quickly rising up in these scenes. 


Her hour long solo show was set to debut in a prime slot at the 2020 Edinburgh fringe festival, but sadly the pandemic ruined those plans. New to Victoria Emily quickly dove right back into comedy; performing all over the city and Vancouver, as well as running her own comedy course for aspiring femme and non-binary comedians. 


Now a regular event producer for the Victoria Event Centre Emily runs her own regularly sold out show at the VEC showcasing drag, burlesque, music, and comedy acts called Frantic Friday. Emily also runs a regular bi-weekly comedy show at Moon Under Water Brewery. Emily regularly hosts and performs at other shows around Victoria and Vancouver. 


2018 Leicester Square new act of the year semi-finalist 

2019 Max Turner Award Finalist

2019 Up The Creek One to Watch finalist

2019 99Club bursary for top female and non-binary comedians of London 


“A striking take and a gift for finding the funny side of everything, including taking anti-depressants.” -Bruce Desseau


 “She’s forever beaming with a jolly smile, even while excoriating herself over her looks or lack of self-respect, or being brashly honest about life... there’s something refreshingly engaging about her quirky presence.” -Steve Bennett

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