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Mark Anthony Brennan

As an experienced journalist (having written music reviews for several Canadian outlets, such as Exclaim!, BC Music Magazine, and Ride the Tempo) Mark Anthony Brennan is the founder of and main contributor to Irregular Dreams, a blog dedicated to weird and wonderful Canadian contemporary music. It features music posts (videos, etc) on an almost daily basis, plus features such as album reviews and artist interviews. The blog has premiered works by the likes of:  Ylang Ylang (Montreal), Eliza Niemi (Toronto)

Hermitess (Calgary), and Phuture Memoriez (Vancouver). 


Irregular Dreams reviews have been cited by Thus Owls (Montreal), Gentle Party (Vancouver), Status/Non-Status (Guelph), and PIQSIQ (Yellowknife), to name just a few.


Mark’s record label, Baffled Octopi Records, produces local music compilations (e.g. the Victoria Secret series), in addition to the electronic music of Purveyors of Free Will, Always a Bad Thing, General Purv and others. In an exciting move forward, the label will be working in association with Surkeus Records for future endeavors.

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