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Michael Wilford

Michael Wilford is a drummer and songwriter known for his work with artists like Old Soul Rebel, Sail Cassady, Sarah Osborne and more. Michael grew up in the mountain town of Smithers, BC where he was surrounded by folk music, protest songs and world class entertainers in a small town setting. In 2015 Michael moved to Victoria to attend the diploma in Contemporary Music Performance at Camosun College and by his graduation in 2018 he was touring all over the country with a variety of projects.


In 2021 Michael released his debut single “Scotch” which is a swaggering blues inflected track featuring the immense vocal talents of Chelsea D.E Johnson (Old Soul Rebel, High Society, Chelsea D.E Johnson) and written with his longtime collaborator Joshua Litton. Scotch was selected out of a field of over 26,000 entries as a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition 2020 and has opened the door to new opportunities to collaborate and create new music alongside artists he admires. Scotch marks the first in a series of releases Michael will be putting out this year, all focused around his love of collaborating, and featuring a cast of interesting and diverse artists.

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