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#discovermusic : Shae Tull

#nowplaying / #discovermusic : “Shae Tull Gets Out Of Bed” by Shae Tull, released 1

August 2022.

“This album was recorded between late 2020 into summer 2022, it mostly features songs I’ve recorded previously on tape, but instead, they actually sound good, with bass and percussion and such.”

From a @twostorymelody interview (19 April 2021) : “My number one biggest influence

would have to be Daniel Johnston. I got into his stuff when I was 16/17, a very rough

place in my life at the time. and I was quite obsessed for a while. I’ve always kind of

been a social outcast, and I feel like he was probably a hero to a lot of people like that. I

can honestly say I had no intentions of writing music before I got into his stuff.”


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