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Paper Bomb on Instagram:

"Paper Bomb is from Victoria, B.C. Working in collaboration with Bumface Productions. We love playing music, creating new sounds and grooves."

Paper Bomb released their album “Into the Sun” on August 26, 2022 in collaboration with Weird beard Records and Bumface Productions, and it's awesome.

Into The Sun is all out psychedelic sonic surf vibes with unhinged in-your-face grunge in the sun fun and all the fuzz distortion and reverberated vocals your heart could desire. Big bass lines, wicked beats and squelching guitars elevate fast paced psych punk grooves sky high without being overly intense or one dimensional across the 11 tracks - some of which slow to a halt and offer the listener a moment of somber reflection before being taken back to the party.

According to Paper Bomb’s Bandcamp, Into The Sun was written during covid, and there’s a real sense of melancholy, wanting out, dreaming of brighter days and happier times on this album - although there is no shortage of angst and hard lines drawn in the proverbial beach sand in it as well.

No One is a solid introduction to who the band is and what it is they do. You’ll be nodding your head immediately thinking of that perfect situation to bust this track out and play it for your friends.

Over comes in hard and fast. A nice follow up to No One if you were wondering what else Paper Bomb was capable of. This song is really wild.

Thumb is a bit more chill than the previous track, but once again it draws in additional elements of what the Paper Bomb experience is all about.

There’s a really cohesive spectrum of sounds on this album so far, which is nice. Paper Bomb has mastered every element of that sonic space.

Beaches drips groovy California love vibes with a ruggedness only a band from the Pacific Northwest can provide.

The Owl is pure rock and roll mayhem with 90’s grunge and metal undertones. This was the floor filler song for me.

Lemon had me from the get go. Not going to lie, this was a favorite for me. I feel like this one really captured the band’s aura and packaged it up perfectly. It packs a punch. A lot of emotion coming through on this tune too.

Waves was a fun listen. It was energetic and I really enjoyed the melody and muted vocals allowing space for the instruments to really shine.

Paper Bomb ends fast and strong with Semi Pro , a hyper speed psych punk smash bang classic.

One thing that stood out to me on this album is how often the vocals were placed in the mix as an instrument not so much as a lead. It created a very interesting weaving of frequencies and a totally different listening experience.

After it was all said and done, I found myself wondering where Paper Bomb will go from here - in a really good way. Into The Sun is tight, cohesive and showcases the band’s experience in a really authentic way. I’m interested see how this band develops, and what kind of sounds and textures they will come up with and implement next. I'm a fan, and Into The Sun is highly recommended listening.


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