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INTERVIEW : Daryl @ Little Barbershop of Horrors (Victoria, B.C.)

SRKS: Who are we talking to?

D: It's Daryl from little Barbershop Of Horrors - Howdy!

SRKS: So, how did the shop come about?

D: Good question, well I had been in the industry for some time, and worked at a handful of shops here in Victoria BC. I never found a shop that I enjoyed working at, a lot of the same boring run of the mill same old same old. I always imagined having my own shop and just decided to go for it, figured what's the worst that can happen. You never know if you don't try it.

SRKS: What makes little Barbershop of Horrors different from the other barbershops?

D: Another great question haha - The difference is the shop is more of a community of punks, freaks, weirdos, and just regular clientele. To be honest it's just a regular traditional barbershop but with a punk rock twist. I'm very much into the culture and music so I made my shop reflect on what I love, and that seems to be the trick I suppose. Walls covered in punk, tattoo, 80's horror posters - even the ceiling is completely covered in punk rock flyers, I have real vinyl spinning all day long.

If I was to go to a shop this is where you would find me, and that's what I wanted to create.

SRKS: How long has the shop been open?

D: We opened mid Sept 2021 so about a year now. We actually have a 1 year anniversary party coming up Oct 7th at the Calrton in Victoria BC with 5 local bands including my band. Couldn't be more exited!

SRKS: Where did the name little Barbershop of horrors come from? Can you tell us about that?

D: Well it was all kinda just a spur of the moment name I thought of and thought it would be fitting since it's a small shop as well as the shop is much different than your typical shop here in Victoria I also wanted a name that would stick out.

SRKS : Congratulations on the shop, and all the success in such a short time! We saw you were on CTV news a few months ago. How did that happen?

D: Thank you! Well, I was just cutting hair one day and I got a call from a reporter asking if I would like to be interviewed for a segment, and of course I said yes. Any exposure is good, right? Kinda funny though, the reporter came thinking it would be just a simple business profile on the shop, but I'm a motor mouth and just started talking my life story, how I used to live in the streets as a young kid and had my struggles with drugs etc. so the interview ended up going national about my story, it was pretty crazy how much attention it got.

SRKS: We hear you're also selling vinyl and t-shirts now , is that true?

D: Yep. I have a wide selection of strictly oi! / punk / ska vinyls, as well as t-shirts. I also sell local punk bands vinyl and merchandise. Come in for a cut and end up getting a few goodies at the same time. I don't know anyone else selling just punk and oi! Records, so you can say this is the spot to go if your looking for that type of stuff!

SRKS: Do you have any plans to expand the shop, or are you content with the way things are?

D: There's always room for improvements. I do love working by myself and the customers seem to like it that way, but there's always a bunch of hang arounds that I think make it more fun and enjoyable. I love the interactions and the people who come here. As much as I enjoy it I still would like to open a bigger location with maybe 3 more chairs. If I can keep the same energy and feeling of how it is now but on bigger scale I think that would work great but there is no rush whatsoever.

SRKS: How much is haircut, and how can people find the little Barbershop Of Horrors?

D: $20 all cuts - all day, $10 beardtrims. It's all verry easy and old school. Best way is to Google little Barbershop Of Horrors or call or text - all calls and texts go directly to me (that's the way I like it) and we'll set you up with an appointment. Before you know it you're in the chair ready for a haircut. We also have a Instagram page if you'd rather fancy that and you message me there.

SRKS: Well, thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions, Daryl. Is there anything else you would like to mention?

D: No problem, it's my pleasure! Nothing else comes to mind. Give a shout out to garden city soul , soul all dayer , no heart boys , vic city skins, we won't change productions, last call , buzzers, fin and toy tiger, city of the dead promotions , our crew iq78 , jaks of Victoria, vicious attack & off the clock , split arrows, tiger tattoo, concrete grave, crosshairs , last year's youth , Ira at Au. All the punks n skins all over BC, all my clients especially the ones who stayed around since the beginning, all my family, Jodi and the cats of McCaskill, cheers. Thanks, Josef. Keep up the good work buddy!

If you're interested in booking a cut at Little Barber Shop of Horrors or want to get in touch with Daryl for more information - call 250 216 1731 - or send a message on instagram :


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