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Sail Cassady

Sail Cassady came alive while reading ‘on the road’ by Jack Kerouac in 2012. The adventure, art and imagery held within the parameters of a single book, birthed the idea that the same concept could be experienced within a song or a band. ‘All too often music can feel two dimensional and flat’ explains Colin Craveiro, singer/songwriter for the project. "I love imagery in music that almost pulls you in like a book or a film. Makes the experience of listening much more enriching and dynamic."


Along with Nate Bailey (keys), John Flatman (keys/back ups) and Aaron Blair (bass), the four of them began combining elements of folk, chamber and dreamscape creating an organic and transmissive sound. With 2018’s release of ‘Silverfish’ and numerous singles including 2019’s ‘Shadow hands’ and 2021’s ‘Clydesdale’, Sail Cassady has no plans of slowing down. Even eluding to its second record, ‘Old Green House’ coming out summer of 2021 with the help of Shannon Sargent (back ups), Chris Lloyd (lead guitars) and Michael Wilford (drums). Together they hope to create tiny films in the hearts and minds of all who listen.

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