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The Hex

The Hex is a three-piece Death Rock band from Victoria BC who's influences go anywhere from The Replacements to Black Sabbath, Ricky Nelson to Celtic Frost; with 60 years of Rock N Roll history, they're attempting to borrow as much as possible. Having released two 7 inch records, many compilation contributions, as well as split cassettes and a recently released EP entitled Modern Horror, they will be releasing their debut full length in the coming months. The Hex have released material for It's Almost Halloween Time Records (Italy), as well as Velvet Rut Records and Northern Gothic Recordings (both Victoria) and are looking forward to working with Surkeus Records, also based in Victoria.


The Hex have shared the stage with Canadian punk legends DOA, as well as War Baby, Bob Log III, Misha & The Spanks and countless others as they've performed in the farthest reaches of Western British Columbia and Vancouver Island.


While The Hex write in the tradition of groups such as The Misfits and Pentagram, their lyrics stay within the parameters of real life horror, as we live in anxious times! Content ranges from Canada's embarrassing  attempt at reconciliation (Unholy Ghost), the Opioid Crisis (The Trap Door), the chains of Capitalism (Corpse Flower) and the perils of residing under a Patriarchal System (The Hex).


The Hex are currently in the process of mixing their debut album 'The Horrifying Sounds Of...' and writing new material in hopes of returning to live performances.

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