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Vav Jungle


Vav Jungle is concept pop electronic producer Eve Rice who also is a DJ under the name  DJBeekeeni. Over 9 releases of music since 1992 which, Vav Jungle has evolved into it’s own  world of post atomic contemporary sounds.


Eve originally started making music on 70s and 80s Yamaha organs that were brought into her  childhood home. At five years old, she was already assimilating Beethoven like melodies and  was coined “gifted”. Without much interest in playing anything classical as a youth, she was  obsessed by sound and how music would explode out of a speaker. She worked on her own  self taught sounds and chordings and continued to squeeze her headphones tightly when  listening Donna Summer, Kraftwerk, Barbra Streisand and Klaus Wunderlich. The B52s appeared on television and at the age of ten, realized this is where it’s at, and that it  appeared to be ok to do your own thing. 

In her teens, Just Ducky was one of the first (and only) electronic underage bands around  Canada and became a group effort of sorts making songs for the first time at high speed. The  intent was fun, opening for Skinny Puppy and Severed Heads was a surprise and so was being  outed for being below legal age playing in a bar. “The Pond” by Just Ducky with Eve and the  Chilas sisters is a cassette that bubbles around used record stores around Canada and on  eBay. 

*“Don’t worry ‘bout a thing Mister” is also a compilation album of assorted bands from  Winnipeg in 1987 which includes a first track by JD.  

After JD, Eve created Vav Jungle with artist Murray Toews when she danced for Alethea  Lahofer’s “Average Life Comix” at the Winnipeg Art Gallery (Murray was making sets for the  show). The name Vav Jungle came from a dream and making random sounds was the game as  Murray was an audiophile as well as a brilliant illustrator. Murray left the act after a two years  and Eve ushered in a go go dancer, Baba Gigi (Grace Martini). Videos were made and the first  CD “Zig a Dig” in 1997 brought on a refreshing mix produced by Guy Maddin’s editor and  friend of the band, John Gurdebeke. 

“Childish music for adults” - Eve Rice 

Over the years, “Canadiana Striptease”, “Cream Corn Bath”, “Models For Jelly”, “Pap Rock”,  “Crash”, “Coverup” popped out on to the independent music scene across Canada with tracks  being used on television, radio and film along with short tours throughout Canada, New York  and Minneapolis. She had a friend in David Wisdom from Vancouver who played her music for  ten years on CBC and met an array of industry people who knew what they were doing…and  didn’t. “I would go to a festival and they’d never believe I was the act…the assumption I was a  promoter… it was difficult but didn’t care”- Eve Rice 

Eve became DJBeekeeni as well (singing her own tracks and playing others during music sets)  in the early 2000s after helping friend Leala Hewak during the inception of her new Gallery  called “Cream”. She brought in tracks to play while organizing the gallery. Leala (the owner)  suggested Eve wear a girdle or bikini and called her DJ name “DJBeekeeni”…so she did.  Eve was the first female DJ at The Winnipeg Folk Fest and broke barriers for anyone feeling out  of place in society performing in less claiming “it’s too hot on stage” and having designers give  her pieces to wear when performing live. “It wasn’t just because I was in shape…I needed to  be empowered as the industry mentally harms artists in general, even still…as a musician I  always felt like I was digging out of a hole with not much help by people who didn’t understand  what I was doing”. Nonetheless, Eve felt like she could control her hows this way and be a bit  tongue and cheek about it. Many women would appear topless at DJBeekeeni shows (Eve  never has) but she realized there is power in a solo act performing. “Just be yourself, if you’re  feeling brave, go for it”- Eve Rice 


Now into the 2020s “Coverup” became Eve’s anthem to her 70s/80s past with everything  solely being made from her Hammond Anniversary home organ, bought from a student who didn’t know how to use it. The last of Hammond’s home organ lines analog/digital organs as it  wasn’t well received at the time it appeared on the market.all the more to use it… Eve made  the album swing and continues to do so still to this day. 

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