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A Songwriter’s Mind // by Aaron Wylder

Who needs to tell you your song is good? It’s a difficult question to ask yourself. Ultimately, it comes down to what is important to you. As I have discussed before, it is very easy to fall into the trap of fixating on your musical identity as a numerical entity. If that is what inspires you to create your art then so be it. However important, streams do not determine the value of your art. Only you, the artist, can determine this. This perspective will assess who’s opinions you value in your musical journey. Every day I am learning more and more about myself as a musician. Every time I perform I see a new side to people and how they interact with music. I think billboard chart expectations give us this idea that we should be treated like royalty or that we want to be. The reality is, the opinions and voices that really matter will never treat you this way. The voices that matter don’t care about your placements, streams and followers. They care about good song writing. They care about songs that resonate. Songs they can feel. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Writing good songs? We lose sight of this so often and forget the very essence of what it means to create. We begin the process from a place of restriction because we are so focused on success. Write from the heart, that’s all anyone can ask of you.


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