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Review // The Flakes - Elephant In The Room (Halifax, NS)

The Flakes is a four piece rock band from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Today, I'm reviewing their latest album, Elephant In The Room, which was self-released on November 25, 2021.

The Flakes are :

Guitar - Adam Sweeney

Drums - Kyle Merson

Vocals - Tynan Moors

Bass - Mackenzie Adams

Elephant In The Room was recorded during the winter of 2019 and summer of 2020 in Springfield Lake, NS. Mixed by Adam Sweeney, and mastered by J. LaPointe at Archive Mastering.

Track 1, "Elephant In The Room" has a bright, 60's UK folk-rock feel. I'm instantly thinking about The Beatles and Lou Reed until it really starts rocking out with some shredding guitar riffs and funkified vibes mid-way. "Another Night" is uber groovy with subtle ska elements. "Not Me/Runaway" feels more somber. An alt rock pleaser with a hook that shreds and oozes emotion.

"Lust" is definitely crowd pleaser. It's energetic with summer festival vibes. "When I Get It" features a phased out chorus FX riff that really hits. This is just good alt rock that keeps you feeling the energy throughout. "Close To You" starts with hard rock riff a la Zeppelin. A real classic rock feel. I can imagine this tune tearing the roof off of a packed out Halifax music venue (one day).

"90 Somethings" lovely guitar melody ushers in a somber mood early on. I feel somewhat nostalgic listening to this one (I think that was the point). I'm in love with the guitar effects and emotional vocals. Boom. A nice drop into the second verse. It ends with a shredding, distorted guitar solo with straight up Weezer Blue Album vibes.

"Thru The Nite" RIYL Barns Courtney (first thing I thought of). Celebratory rock. I'm seeing hands in the air at a show, but all of sudden I'm envisioning 50's drive ins, greased back hair and Cadillacs. Cool. "You Don't Look At Me The Way You Used To". Nice mellow acoustic guitar and muted vocals start the last track of the album off, but it quickly drops into this fun and quirky Roland style keyboard synth. I'm once again feeling very nostalgic. Is this the Halifax alt rock sound? If it is, I'm loving it. I need to know more... This tune is thoughtful, melodic. A nice album ender.

SYNOPSIS// There's nothing enjoyable than an album, or band, that dares to experiment with multiple soundscapes and genres on each song. Mood in music is everything, and after listening to Elephant In The Room by The Flakes, I can honestly say I'm feeling pretty good. Actually, I'm feeling like I should listen to it again in case I missed something. Halifax's The Flakes have succeeded in (if this was intentional) pulling off a masterful revival of older, nostalgic sounds by putting their own refreshing twist on them to create this rock/alt/ska/kind of 60's UK folk rock album, Elephant In The Room. What more can you ask for? Nicely done. I'll be on the look out for more.


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