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Review // Bruce Enloe - The Escape Plan

Bruce Enloe's new album, "The Escape Plan" is a folk rock album with many twists and surprises. The songs "Song Down By That Tree" and "The River Keeper" evoke a hometown nostalgia, consisting of the basic elements of folk music: Bruce's voice and acoustic guitar. The title track is a three part song that weaves psychedelic sounding elements throughout the album, and includes some lo-fi and noise influences as well. Clips of conversations, mechanical sounds and fuzzy guitar licks all layered add to a very interesting theme in these three songs. I found all these elements were pulled together by "The Lost Song (Fragments)" which is the last song on the album and a very satisfying closer. One track that stood out to me the most was "I Can't Fix You", an emotional song with harmonies that sound like a group of friends singing around a campfire, definitely giving a warm fuzzy feeling that is offset by the sad but resolute lyrics. "Mexican Ritalin" is a more high energy song that offers listeners Billy Idol's "Dancing With Myself" vibes, but with edgier lyrics. Bruce pulls off a variety of styles on "The Escape Plan" that come together in a very cohesive yet diverse way.

- Aleesia April

**Listen/download "The Escape Plan" HERE.


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