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Victoria band Naked By The Fire Release New Single, "Headlong"

Victoria indie folk rock band Naked by the Fire released the first single from their debut self titled album today. "Headlong" is available now on all major streaming apps.

Listen on Spotify HERE.

We were introduced to Naked By The Fire when they opened for Sail Cassady at Vinyl Envy last fall, and were immediately impressed by the band's stage presence and cohesive songwriting. Their sound has a feel of west coast indie folk without coming across as overly "west coast indie folk". Naked By The Fire is one of those emerging bands that has succeeded in carving out their own special space in the indie folk rock genre, and "Headlong" is a perfect example of that.

According to their bio, their music is "folk with a back-beat, if you will. The music begins with the songwriting duo of Jacob Leger and Jeremy Earley, backed by the grooviest rhythm section on Vancouver Island in Clayton Flett and Eric Their. Our music is characterized by probing, thoughtful lyrics, sing-along choruses, lush vocal harmonies, ear-wormy guitar lines, and a versatile vibe, ranging from acoustic-folky to rock and roll wildness."

"Headlong" has a runtime of 5:08, and Naked By The Fire have hit all the right chords. It is a celebratory track, ripe with catchy folk rock vibes, restless intriguing melodies and a grooviness that will get your head nodding immediately.

Stay tuned for more music coming soon from Naked By The Fire and follow their journey at @nakedbythefire on Instagram.

Release Schedule

Headlong (single) - April 14th.

Goddamn Miles (single) - May 31.

Westbound (single) - June 30.

‘Naked by the Fire’ (self titled album) - July 31.


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